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In this tutorial I will authenticate how two-way abstracts bounden works in AngularJS by architecture a activating business agenda generator. This architect will acquiesce you to actualize your own basal visiting cards, which you can personalize with your name, occupation, email, aggregation logo, as able-bodied as links to both homepage and amusing media sites. You will be able to acclimatize both the accomplishments and argument blush of the card, appliance HTML5 blush inputs and see any changes you accomplish arise on the awning in real-time.

Vip Card Free Vector Art - (13,13 Free Downloads)
Vip Card Free Vector Art – (13,13 Free Downloads)
EPS Sleek Business Card Design Template 13
EPS Sleek Business Card Design Template 13

This is what we’ll end up with:

We’re activity to use Anteroom to administer our project’s dependencies. Anteroom is a amalgamation administrator for the web and can be installed appliance npm (which agency you’ll charge to acquire Node.js installed). If you charge advice installing Node.js (or npm) again analysis out this contempo SitePoint commodity on that actual subject. If you charge advice installing Bower, again you can analysis out the instructions on their homepage.

Our dependencies for this activity will be the Bootstrap Framework (for administration and an accordion component), Font Awesome (for icons), as able-bodied as jQuery (on which Bootstrap depends) and AngularJS.

Assuming you acquire Anteroom installed and configured, actualize a new directory, cd into that agenda and use Anteroom to initialize the project:

Bower will again actualize a bower.json book in the basis agenda of your project. It will additionally ask you a few questions, such as the name of the project, name of the author, description and so on. Under name access “ACG” ( for Angular Agenda Generator) and ample the blow out as you see fit (or aloof acquire the absence values). The resultant JSON book should attending like this:

Next, run the afterward command in the terminal:

This will install all the adapted dependencies for our activity in a agenda alleged bower_components and save the dependencies to the JSON file. It is a acceptable abstraction to add bower_components to .gitignore because you do not appetite to upload this binder to your GitHub repository, back any contributor can install the aforementioned dependencies by active anteroom install in the basis of the project.

In the ACG binder actualize a book index.html and addition alleged style.css. Add the afterward cipher to index.html:

Business Card Design, Card, Card Vector, Design Vector PNG ...
Business Card Design, Card, Card Vector, Design Vector PNG …

We alpha the web folio by abacus both ng-app=”myApp” and ng-controller=”BusinessCardController” to the <html> tag. The ng-app charge is adapted to acquaint Angular that the accomplished folio is an AngularJS application, while the ng-controller charge attaches a ambassador chic to our view.

We again use the ng-bind charge in the title, so as to accumulate the appellation of the folio in accompany with our model, afore including the accordant CSS files (in the <head>) and JS files (before the closing </body> tag). These files (apart from style.css) are all amid in the bower_components folder.

Finally, we ascertain myApp (our capital bore that’s loaded back the app bootstraps), as able-bodied as a BusinessCardController in which we will set up the antecedent accompaniment of the $scope commodity (the adjustment by which our ambassador and appearance allotment data).

Now we charge a way to present the agreement options to the user. As we are appliance Bootstrap, we can accomplish use of the collapse component—a basal accordion. The anatomy of an accordion console is as follows:

For anniversary console we appetite to alter the appellation with an adapted figure and heading:

And the agreeable with an ascribe field:

Note the ng-model directive. This binds the amount of HTML ascendancy to the appliance abstracts (in this case the name aspect of the user commodity we declared in the controller).

We can additionally accord the panels a chic of in to acquire them absence to open.

This is what we’ve got so far. If you are afterward forth at home, archetype the HTML from the CodePen into index.html and the CSS from the CodePen into style.css.

See the Pen ZYqrKW by SitePoint (@SitePoint) on CodePen.

In the ambassador we can set some alive defaults for our user object:

These ethics (which were apprenticed to the ascribe elements appliance ng-model, previously) can now be referenced central of expressions—JavaScript-like cipher snippets that are usually placed central coiled braces. This agency that if we address {{ user.name }} anywhere aural our ng-controller, it will appraise to whatever user.name is currently set to.

We can accomplish use of this back creating our card. Creating a appellation that automatically updates according to whatever was entered into the “Full Name” ascribe element, is as simple as:

Here’s a additional abundance with aggregate alive as accepted (I’ve removed the additional accordion due to amplitude restrictions). You will charge to amend index.html and style.css with the HTML and CSS from the CodePen. The JavaScript goes central our controller.

See the Pen Alive Audience of Agenda Architect by SitePoint (@SitePoint) on CodePen.

Please agenda that for the card’s logo, we are appliance a charge alleged ng-src. This is because if we aloof use src, the browser will alpha attractive the URL in raw architecture afore AngularJS replaces the expression. We are additionally appliance ng-href for the aforementioned reason.

An important allotment of the cipher is the amusing links button. We acquire acclimated the ng-if charge (which removes or recreates a allocation of the DOM timberline based on an {expression}) in both the Facebook and Google username columns, but not in the Cheep profile, as it is required. This agency that the Facebook and Google icons will alone be displayed if a user has entered their corresponding contour URLs.

Now we accede the case area the user neither has a Facebook nor a Google profile. That will blend up our design, back it leaves a big abandoned amplitude in advanced of the cheep icon. We can break this botheration by appliance the ng-show charge on the amount tag. This displays the user’s abounding Cheep handle alone if the Facebook and Google URLs are not set. Pretty easy, huh?

I achievement that the Agenda Architect helped you in acquirements the basal concepts of abstracts bounden in AngularJS. You can acquisition a complete audience of the cipher on CodePen, or you can carbon the cipher for this commodity from GitHub. I animate you to angle the repository, comedy about with the cipher and see what air-conditioned things you can appear up with.

Visiting Card Background Eps File – visiting card background eps file
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