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On July 4, the Lok Sabha anesthetized the Aadhaar and Added Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and the Upper House anesthetized the Indian Medical Board (Amendment) Bill, 2019, austere by the Lok Sabha on July 2.


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Form 14- Bank account -Aadhar card linkage form ( To submit …
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Rajya Sabha | 6.15 pm

Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan is acknowledging to the discussion. Says the BoG proposes to institutionalise belief apprenticeship in medical education.

Point of adjustment raised. A affiliate is annual from cardboard and thereby crumbling time of the House. Minister says he has the appropriate to accomplish a continued acquiescence as he listened to all the speakers. Chair reminds Dr. Vardhan that he should achieve now. Minister seeks to about-face the table on the Opposition adage he would cut abbreviate his accent as associates appetite to go early. He says computerisation of all annal has abandoned corruption. Concludes with acclaim on Mr. Modi.

The Bill is put to vote. Motion adopted by articulation vote.

Now time for article by article application and amendments.

One alteration confused by Santanu Sen and amendments confused by Benoy Viswam and Som Prasad negatived.

After article by article approval, Rajya Sabha passes the Indian Medical Board (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Message from Lok Sabha on the admission of Aadhaar and Added Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Special mentions. Chair asks associates to apprehend the title.

House is adjourned till the cessation of the annual accent of the Finance Minister in the Lok Sabha tomorrow.

Lok Sabha | 6 pm

Duration of Parliament affairs extended.

Mr. Premachandran seeks affirmation from Mr. Prasad if the Abstracts Aegis Programme will be passed. Mr. Prasad says citizens’ aloofness is already adequate by the Aadhaar Bill. The Abstracts Aegis programme is a assignment in beforehand and will be brought, he adds.

The House passes the Aadhaar and Added Laws (Amendment) Bill.

The House is adjourned till 11 am on July 5, 2019.

Rajya Sabha | 5:20 pm

The Rajya Sabha is discussing the Indian Medical Board (Amendment) Bill, 2019, which was anesthetized by the Lok Sabha on July 2.

Ashok Siddharth (BSP, Uttar Pradesh) alleges that SC/ST candidates get seats in medical colleges which abridgement basement and demands that SC/ST acceptance should get seats on par with added association students.

V. Vijaysai Reddy (YSR Congress, A.P.) is told he can allege for four minutes. Mr. Reddy takes barring to that and says the Chair  is abbreviation the time of afterwards speakers citation absence of time. Chair tells him that time allottment rules are in abode for the accomplished 70 years. Mr. reddy is told to get on with the subject. Amid added thins Mr. Reddy criticises the over centralisation admiral of the medical body. While Mr. Reddy is speaking on clandestine hospitals which are charging absonant fees, the Chair moves on to the abutting speaker.

Kankamedala Ravindra Kumar (TDP, A.P.) is alleged to speak. He says through alteration ability is centralised on medical board which is adjoin federalism. If the govt is absolutely anxious about the activity of the IMA, the board should be fabricated a adumbrative body.

Dr.L. Hanumanthaiah (Congress, Karnataka) asks how accretion the cardinal of Board of Governors from seven to 12 would abode the affair of bribery for which the IMC is abolished by the Board. And the Bill is bashful on medical chic and the affair of capitation fees, he says abacus that the affair is acknowledging the Bill as it’s appropriate by law to alter an ordinance.

Lok Sabha| 5 pm

Hanuman Beniwal, RLP, says there is no ambit for security-breach beneath the Aadhaar Bill. Acknowledging the Bill, he says absolute broadcasting of subsidy is fabricated attainable by Aadhaar. He reiterates the amends of Rs 1 crore in case of abuse and adds that Aadhaar will abate corruption.

Thirumaa Valavan Thol, VCK, speaks in Tamil.

Girish Bhalchandra Bapat, BJP, speaks in Marathi. He supports the Bill.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister, Law and Justice, responds, adage hoax registers acclimated to be fabricated in villages pre-Aadhaar. There are no medical records, bloom annal or degree advice on the Aadhaar card. Aural the biometric system, there is deride consequence and iris acceptance stored in the system, which cannot be changed. None of this amount biometric advice is to be shared; it gets encrypted aural the system. The alteration stipulates that the Secretary be notified if such amount biometrics charge to be appear in case of blackmail to civic security.

He says in case of blast and PMLA, Aadhaar is voluntary. He mentions the amends of Rs 1 crore in case of violation. He says that no annual shall be denied if an abandoned does not acquire Aadhaar. Neither the biometric advice nor the Aadhaar cardinal of a actuality is to be stored and is defined as such in the alteration to the Telegraph Act, he adds.

“People are afraid about aloofness but if the poor bodies in the country who are accepting allowances like LPG affiliation and allowance are agreeable with it, what botheration could the House have?” he asks.

The proposed alteration is absolutely voluntary, based on the accord of the Aadhaar-owner, clandestine entities can be confined or contrarily penalised if they abundance customers’ information.

It is a wholesome alteration in acquiescence with the Supreme Court order, he says. “Trust the accepted men of India,” he adds. Cipher has anytime complained to him of actuality inconvenienced by Aadhaar, he says.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, INC, speaks again, bombastic that Aadhaar is the abstraction of the UPA government. Indian Constitution does not recognise aldermanic superiority, he states. He moves his resolution.

Manish Tewari, INC, asks if the Supreme Court judgement permits the administration of abstracts alike if on autonomous basis.

Mr. Prasad responds, adage three injunctions exist: any barring charge be voluntary, backed by a law of Parliament or for a defined accompaniment objective.

Lok Sabha| 4 pm

Sanjay Ramchandra Patil, BJP, reiterates beforehand credibility on Aadhaar actuality a adverse adjoin abusage of allowances provided by the government. There is no agenda empowerment arrangement greater than Aadhar in the world, he claims.

Manish Tewari, INC, says in January 2009, the UPA government had appear out with 13 objectiives declared to be accomplished by the UIDAI. The annual of Aadhaar was to ascertain the character of those who were beggared of allowance cards and such added basal amenities. He claims that the accepted attack seems to abate the animal actuality to a number. He cites Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul’s judgement in ambience of “the appropriate to be forgotten”. The germane catechism that arises is that if the appropriate to abolish Aadhaar already a adolescent attains 18 years, why does it not abide for the adult? The appropriate to be abandoned charge additionally anatomy a allotment of the Aadhaar Bill, provided it does not accept grave ramifications aloft civic security.

Amending the Telegraph Act and the PMLA by artlessly inserting the chat “voluntary” goes adjoin the built-in arrangement area the aborigine is at the core, Mr. Tewari adds. The absorbed of the government as mentioned in the Economic Survey appear today, is to monetise clandestine data, he says.

Aadhar Card Number From Mobile Number - Aadhar In
Aadhar Card Number From Mobile Number – Aadhar In

Dr. Shrikant Eknath Shinde, Shiv Sena, says the new alteration frees the abandoned of any coercion to accouter Aadhaar to any company. He urges the government to attending into abstracts misuse, abacus that aloofness apropos should be looked into by accepting adaptable companies to annul ahead acquired information. He lends his abutment to the Bill on annual of his party.

M. Selvaraj, CPI, speaks in Tamil. He opposes the Bill.

P. Raveendranath Kumar, AIADMK, says a agenda character removes the alarm for middlemen. He reiterates credibility on Aadhaar deepening attainable annual and abridgement of corruption. The new alteration uses the apple “voluntary” repeatedlly. Another bureau of identification is provided in case of affection or abstruse aggravation in capacity Aadhaar. He says the alteration introduces civilian amends of upto Rs 1 crore in case of abuse of the Aadhaar Act. He ends by acknowledging the amendment.

Asaduddin Owaisi, AIMIM, says the Bill shows the ill furnishings of balloter bonds. The Supreme Court had alleged the broadcasting of advice to clandestine institutions a vice. The Bill says the accordant article “shall” analyze the clients, which erases the voluntariness the Bill claims to booty into account, he says. The UIDAI can accredit anyone, admitting battle of interests, he says. He concludes by adage that offline analysis would beforehand to fraud. He cites several clauses of the Bill which aperture the Supreme Court judgement.

K. Ram Mohan Naidu, TDP, seeks description on abatement of abstracts already bedevilled by clandestine entities is activity to be fabricated possible. He says it is a abashment that citizens accept had to resort to the Supreme Court to assure their abstracts while clandestine entities accept had to go abandoned to the government to admission a Bill like this. YSRCP has fabricated bottomless allegations on TDP, he adds, in ambience of Mr. Sridhar’s allegations fabricated earlier.

Ramesh Bidhuri, BJP, says Aadhaar is not issued afterwards all-important bureau of identification and appropriately it is not attainable to character theft. He supports the Bill.

N.K. Premachandran, RSP, says there is no accident that warrants the promulgation of the Ordinance. He says the Authorization reopens the aperture for bribery by clandestine companies. Allowing them to acquire a database of aborigine advice is unconstituional. The Billl gives greater ability and bottom accountability to UIDAI. Srikrishna Board recommendations assured the accumulation of a abstracts aegis programme, he adds. He ends with opposing both the Authorization and the Bill.

Lok Sabha| 3:15 pm

Ajay (Teni) Misra, BJP, says in 2014, the claiming was to absolute subsidies to the applicable beneficiaries. Aadhaar was an attack to abode that, which has been acknowledged in the aftermost bristles years, he says. Over 7 crore families accept been accustomed LPG connections, subsidies ability the appropriate beneficiaries and consequently, he says, Aadhaar is a different character that is amenable for able identification of beneficiaries. He says Aadhaar is the torchbearer to a agenda approaching for India. “Nobody, not alike the Opposition, can abjure that Aadhaar is a safe and defended platform,” he adds.

Supriya Sule, NCP, talks about the affairs of abstracts to accumulated sectors. She says it is a abashment that people’s abstracts is accustomed to annual clandestine sectors. Best of the Bills that the accepted government claims to be endemic were created beneath Dr. Manmohan Singh, she says. “65 crore affiliated their adaptable phones to Aadhaar because there was no added option,” she states.

P.K. Kunhalikutty, IUML, says cipher is adjoin abstruse reforms, he says, additionally emphasizing the charge for the Abstracts Aegis Bill. Leakage of abstracts can affect the country’s security. Reforms afterwards demography into application the actuality that best of India is not association is fallacious, he says. “The Bill has to accept accuracy and privacy-protection,” Mr. Kunhalikutty says. “We are all for Aadhaar, but forth with that the Abstracts Aegis Bill should additionally accept come. In that spirit, I argue this,” he concludes.

Manoj Kumar Tiwari, BJP, asks why the aftermost UPA government did annihilation to apparatus the Aadhaar programme back they had appear up with it. Aadhaar is the greatest adverse to corruption, he says. He ends with lending his complete abutment to the Bill.

Kaushakendra Kumar, JD(U), lends his abutment to the Bill. Aadhaar will acceleration up India’s agenda future, he says. All accoutrement accept been fabricated to anticipate the abusage of data, he adds.

P.R. Natarajan, CPI(M), says alike the RBI says that Aadhaar is binding and not autonomous as claimed. Aloofness and aegis apropos persist. He ends by opposing the Bill on annual of his party.

Anupriya Patel, Apna Dal, lends her abutment to the Bill on annual of her party. She says that beneath the new amendment, there are accoutrement for offline registration, abandoning of Aadhaar already a adolescent is 18 years of age and the authorization as an another certificate to Aadhaar for barter of adaptable companies. She asks: in case of an abandoned not possessing a passport, is Aadhaar not rendered mandatory? She additionally asks if the government intends to acquaint the Abstracts Aegis Bill.

Lok Sabha | 2.15 p.m.

B. Ravikumar, DMK, begins speaking. He says that this Alteration Bill gives clandestine companies admission to people’s data, in contravention of the Supreme Court verdict.

He says monetising data, as mentioned in the Bill, is adjoin the axiological appropriate to privacy. He says that the government hinks it can do annihilation to the bodies application a “valid law”. He wants the Bill to be beatific to a Aldermanic Standing Committee.

Mahua Moitra, AITC, opposes the Bill, adage it strikes at the affection of an individual’s privacy. In added than 11 places in the Bill, it is said “as per regulations”, she states. The absolute abstraction of Aadhaar was to appear up with a different 12-digit number; the Alteration Bill’s abstraction to actualize an another basal character abandoned a way to bypass the SC’s judgement arresting bottomward Article 45, she claims. If the ecosystem fails afterwards one procures their best claimed advice to a clandestine agency, the bureau of recourse are not defined in the Bill. “It is buried in mystery,” she states. All clandestine agencies are application this bureau to get clandestine data, she says, axis on its arch the aboriginal abstraction of Aadhaar actuality a bureau for the poor to get subsidies.

The Bill allows clandestine entities, telecom annual providers and banks to get clandestine capacity of citizens. Every law-abiding aborigine is afflicted to be a money-launderer beneath this Bill. “You cannot apprehend every law-abiding aborigine to accord up data,” she says. Penalties and recourses attainable for authorities back there is unauthorised admission to axial abstracts are not attainable to individuals whose advice it absolutely is, she says.

Kotagiri Sridhar, YSRCP, refers to the “lurking dangers of our times”. Andhra Pradesh witnessed the country’s better Aadhaar abstracts leak, he says. Bodies had furnished capacity apropos degree and associated abstracts to the then-TDP government, afterwards which abstracts annexation ensued. In September 2018, the A.P. government already afresh put out abstracts of allowances provided to farmers, which were aboveboard attainable to all. However, he concludes by alms his abounding abutment to the Bill and the amendments.

Pinaki Misra, BJD, says the Abstracts Aegis Bill should be brought in if abounding abutment to the Aadhar (Amendment) Bill is to be extended. There may be ambit for added fine-tuning of the law. There should be a able-bodied approved abstracts aegis measure, he says. “Information and abstracts are the new oil of the society,” he adds.

“We accept a neighbour angled on aggrandizing abstracts and advice from India,” he claims. 200 actor users in India use TikTok, which is a Chinese company, he adds. Eventually, it is important that the treasury benches admit the actuality that instrumentalities which helped them win the elections ability about-face adjoin them. The added limb of the Bill directed to be implemented by the SC, is abstracts protection.

Ritesh Pandey, BSP, says that afterwards a able-bodied abstracts aegis programme, Aadhaar is “irresponsible legislation”. Until such a programme exists, alike autonomous accretion of advice by clandestine agencies would be wrong. If an allowance aggregation knows what diseases your adolescent has, it will access exceptional on that accurate disease, he says, answer how abstracts abusage occurs. This can alike beforehand to terrorists accepting adaptable phones beneath the names of innocent, benighted people. It allows the contravention of the Axiological Appropriate to aloofness by the government in the name of civic security, Mr. Pandey adds.

Lok Sabha | 1:30 pm

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Law and Justice Minister, says that barter of adaptable companies can aftermath abstracts like allowance card, passport, etc. as alternatives to Aadhaar card. 123.81 crore Aadhaar cards abide in India. 69.38 crore adaptable phones are affiliated to Aadhaar cards. 65.91% of coffer accounts are, too. Rs 7.48 lakh crores accept been appear beneath Absolute Annual Transfers, he says. Low amount technologies can beforehand the country. Aadhaar is one such technology developed by scientists, he adds.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, INC, says he angrily opposes the common promulgation of Ordinances. Our Constitution has accouterment for the abracadabra of Ordinances but in the above way, it gives admonition on back and why and how an Authorization can be promulgated, he says. It can be promulgated beneath amazing affairs or emergencies that accreditation its promulgation. He tells the Law Minister that 4 Ordinances are actuality brought every 10 Bills, which is an aberrant avenue in history. “You accept adopted the Aadhar from us,” he claims. The Absolute Annual Programme was additionally borrowed. “Your way is not befitting of a autonomous government. It is political plagiarism,” he alleges. Aloofness was actuality breached. “When we constituted the Aadhar, it did not aperture anybody’s Axiological Rights,” he says.

Mr. Chowdhury says there are abounding abstracts which can be originals, but not genuine. He asks Mr. Prasad to differentiate amid boldness and genuineness. “Aadhaar is the abstraction of the UPA government,” he says.

This government does not accompany the Abstracts Aegis Bill, he says. A absolute legislation including the above Bill would ensure the abounding alteration of the allowances of Aadhaar.

Lok Sabha| 1 pm

Chandrani Murmu, BJD, Keonjhar, Odisha, says Adivasis from the constituency accept to drift to added places to get employment. Application opportunities could be created there by ambience up a animate bulb like the one fabricated in Rourkella, as the abode has all the accustomed assets attainable for it.

Veena Devi, LJSP, Vaishali (Bihar) says amoroso mills in the constituency accept been bankrupt for about 15 years. She asks for their reopening.

Mitesh Patel, BJP, asks that instead of subsidies, absolute depositions be fabricated to the accounts of farmers.

Khalilur Rahaman, AITC, Jangipur (West Bengal) says the calamity of Ganga destroys the alimentation of thousands. Assignment about the Farakka Barrage has not happened. Those afflicted by these floods additionally do not get any redressal. There are absolute villages that ability asphyxiate should there be floods again, he says.

A.K.P. Chinraj, DMK, says banty farmers beyond India are adverse curtailment of basal agriculture actual and abortion of the northeast monsoon. They are adverse huge banking accident and this is deepening the unemployment botheration of India.

G. Madhav, YSRCP, asks for accomplishing of NREGA to boldness agrarian crisis. He asks for able apprenticeship of accouchement in rural India. “Most alienated elements are academy dropouts,” he says.

Hema Malini, BJP, Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), speaks on abandoned attacks on doctors all over the country in ablaze of the contempo adventure in Kolkata. 40% of medical practitioners face advance during their lifetime. “The country is adverse a arrears of 6 lakh doctors,” she says. There should be austere laws to assure the medical community. Lynch mobs who advance doctors accept consistently enjoyed impunity. A banish should be fabricated of them and a complaint redressal board should be formed in every hospital, she adds.

Question Hour begins. The aboriginal catechism is on the agenda arrangement for anxiety in accessories in universities.

Lok Sabha | 12 noon

After Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tables the Economic Survey, she says in the Accepted Recruitment Process, candidates accomplished in bounded languages are at a disadvantage as the examinations for ranks of admiral and office-assistants in the Bounded Rural Banks are conducted in Hindi and English. To aggrandize application possibilities for bounded youth, in accession to English and Hindi, the exams will be conducted in 13 bounded languages like Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Konkani, Assamese etc.

 Jasbir Singh, INC, talks about the alms of the Armed Forces actuality cut.

Queen Oja, BJP, says abounding bodies are rendered abandoned every year in Assam due to calamity of the Brahmaputra river. Every year acreage abrasion increases. She asks for a aggregation to be formed to abode this analytical issue.

Ramesh Bidhuri, BJP, says about 20 lakh bodies alive in colonies in Delhi with no basal amenities.

T.N. Prathapan, INC, says no accent is accustomed to sports and concrete apprenticeship in our schools and colleges. He asks that concrete apprenticeship be fabricated binding in every chic in schools, with a minimum of three periods of sports per week.

Thalikkottai R. Baalu, DMK, says the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi, had tweeted calling bodies of Tamil Nadu egocentric and cowardly, and politicians, corrupt. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh responds, adage Ms. Bedi has bidding abysmal affliction for the tweet. He says Ms. Bedi has deleted the cheep and said that she has the accomplished absorption for the bodies of Tamil Nadu. “In ablaze of these words, I would like to appeal the associates of the House to put the affair to rest,” says Mr. Singh.

Santokh Singh Chaudhary, INC, Palghar (Punjab) says narco-terrorism is not belted to Punjab. Himachal is said to be the new biologic basic of the country, he says. States cannot accouterment it alone. There is charge for a civic biologic policy, he says.

Dr. Srikanth Eknath Shinde, Shiv Sena, Kalyan (Maharashtra) talks about the abuse of the two rivers that accommodate baptize to his constituency. He asks for accoutrement to stop this.

Kripanath Mallah, BJP, says NH 44, renamed NH 8, the alley active through Karimgunj, Assam, is in charcoal and should be anchored afterwards delay.

Rajya Sabha | 11.30 a.m.

Vijila Sathyananth, AIADMK, says added than 1 lakh accouchement in TN accept been articular and active in Tamil Nadu, in ambience of the Civic Adolescent Labour Project. Since December 2016, however, the allotted annual Rs 400 for poor accouchement has not been accustomed to their accounts. She asks the Ministry of Labour and Application to access the honorarium for the Civic Adolescent Labour Project.

V. Vijaysai Reddy, YSRCP, says 357 mandals in AP accept been declared drought-hit. There is a arrears condensate of 81% in the State. In Nellore district, the arrears is 57%, in Krishna it is 48%. In 24 baptize reservoirs, the accumulator akin is beneath than 24%. Grounwater akin has plummeted to 23 m in abounding areas. The boilerplate akin is 15.96 m. He requests the Finance Minister to appear to the accomplishment of the agriculture association there.

Shanta Chhetri, Trinamool Congress, says from the enactment of Gorkha Recruitment Depot in Ghum, Darjeeling, has acquired amazing abstruse significance. Shifting the Depot out of the Hills is a higely abhorred decision, she says.

Mahesh Poddar, BJP, says there are about 20,000 rickshaw-drivers accept no another to their accepted profession. He appeals that laws be fabricated to annex alternatives, like there accept been in case of chiral scavengers.

Swapan Dasgupta, Nominated, says a analytical annual of leakages, which goes by the name of “cut money” exists in West Bengal. “About ₹500 of the money allotted beneath Ujjwala Arrangement is siphoned off from beneficiaries,” he says. The Chair asks that allegations adjoin Accompaniment governments not be fabricated as they are not present in the House to avert themselves.

K.J. Alphons, BJP, 20% of the 15 actor dark bodies in India can achieve afterimage if cornea is attainable but abandoned 25,000 corneas are accepting donated per year. In abounding countries a Bill exists that stipulates that unless there is specification, eyes afterwards afterlife will accord to the society. He requests that such a Bill be introduced.

S. Muthukaruppan, AIADMK, says all burghal and rural bounded bodies are in acute charge of funds in Tamil Nadu in absolution of their duties in the drought-hit genitalia of the State.

Lok Sabha 11.30 a.m.

Sushil Kumar Singh of the BJP begins the abutting catechism on solar activity plants.

The abutting catechism is on ability accumulation to the automated sector, followed by one on the role of MSMEs.

Rajya Sabha | 11 a.m.

Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu is in the Chair. Papers are laid on the table.

The House takes up a motion to accept a Affiliate to the Agriculture Authority. The motion is adopted.

Zero Hour begins.

Ajay Pratap Singh of the BJP speaks about affordable housing.

A.K. Selvaraj of the AIADMK speaks about dribble irrigation and added irrigation methods.

Vijay Pal Singh Tomar, BJP, talks about admixture of aliment articles including milk, turmeric etc. He talks about the advance of diseases in accouchement through burning of adulterated milk. “People who appoint in adulterating these articles don’t get the abuse they should,” he adds.

Lok Sabha | 11 a.m.

House convenes. Apostle Om Birla is in the Chair.

Questions are on ambience up of bio-gas plants, charwoman of ponds, lakes and canals, bottle facades in buildings.

10.45 a.m.

Lok Sabha

– The Aadhaar and Added Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2019, to be alien by Ravi Shankar Prasad for application and passing.

Rajya Sabha

– R.K. Sinha to alarm absorption to letters of accretion biologic addiction amid schoolchildren in the country.

– The Indian Medical Board (Amendment) Bill, 2019, to be alien by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, as anesthetized by the Lok Sabha, for application and passing.

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